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In art, a commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of a custom piece of artwork.

Below, I have created a series of frequently asked questions about commissioning a piece of artwork from me.

 ◈ What type of mediums do you use for your art work and commissions?

I primarily oil paint or draw with pencils, but I also work with colored pencils, acrylic paint, and water color. It just depends on what my clients are looking for.

 ◈ How much does ____ cost?

In order for me to give a client an idea of the cost of a commission, I need to see the subject or photo to be painted, I need to know the size and lastly the medium. I have composed a small chart below, giving an estimation of the costs for different sizes and some mediums.

* Sizes:  the dimensions are in inches  ** Estimates  are just minimum, and are subject to change.

*Sizes: the dimensions are in inches

**Estimates are just minimum, and are subject to change.

For anything not specifically listed, email me the photo, size and medium all together for the fastest response.

 ◈ How long will it take you to finish a commission?

It depends on the piece, but I ask for a minimum of two weeks to complete a commission. It may be finished faster depending on my availability, or longer depending on the size. This will all be discussed after finding out the details from a client.

 ◈ What type of Refference photo do you require? 

I require a clear, in-focus, high definition photo to be able to create a piece of art work. Having grainy and out of focus pictures not only makes it difficult for me to see details and create a more accurate portrait, but it lengthens the time required to finish. Insistence of the use of a low quality photo will result in an increase of agreed upon cost.

 ◈ What if I don't like the way ____ looks?

If you do not like the way a certain part of the commission portrait looks, I would be more than happy to edit and fix anything. If you have major changes that weren't agreed upon in the beginning, and I have already started and completed a good portion of it, you will be asked to pay an additional fee.

My portraits in my artwork are a reflection of how I see the image. I am not a hyperrealism artist, so if you're looking for a exact copy of your image, I am not the artist for the job. I paint what I see, how I see it. So to avoid any confusion, look through my gallery to get an idea of the type of work I am capable of producing.

 ◈ Do you require a down payment? 

Yes. After agreeing on a total, I require my clients to provide a nonrefundable down payment of 10% of the total agreed upon cost. The remaining part of the payment can be sent by the client anytime before I ship the final piece of artwork. A down payment guarantees a spot on my schedule and a set quote. Without one, my availability and quoted price are subject to change.  

 ◈ How do I send the down & remaining part of the payment?

I use PayPal as it is the easiest and most secure form of electronic payment. It is free for the consumer to send money through this service, though you may incur a small fee when using a debit/credit card directly through PayPal to complete a transaction. The best way to bypass these fees is to create a personal profile and link your bank account directly to your PayPal account. All questions about this service can be answered in detail on their website

 ◈ How much is shipping & How long does it take?

The above pricing estimates do not include shipping. Depending on the size, domestic shipping will be between $10-50. It will take no more than two weeks to reach a client. International shipping can cost between $25-100, with about two weeks minimum to reach a client depending on the country.

 ◈ Since I am purchasing an original, that means I can do whatever I want with the image of the artwork, right?

Wrong. Purchasing the original painting or piece of artwork does not mean you own the image of my intellectual property. You do not have the right to reproduce, replicate, reprint, or otherwise profit off any artwork. If you are interested in purchasing the rights to my work, you may contact me separately. Otherwise the above prices listed are solely for the original physical piece of work. Any unauthorized monetization or reproduction of my art work will result in legal action as my artwork is copyrighted.

 ◈ I want a custom piece, but I don't want to pay for the original. Can I get a custom print or sticker instead?

No. Regardless of if you just want to buy a custom print or sticker (which are obviously significantly less expensive), I would still need to paint an original piece on canvas, which would take the same amount of time as any other custom. If you'd like me to make a custom print or sticker, you'd need to commission me for the original and additionally be charged for the production of the print or sticker. 

 ◈How can I contact you about a commission?

The best way to contact me is through my email, not Instagram or Twitter direct messages. Including the few requests for details of the commission will greatly speed up the process. I will be able to quickly give the client a quote and then begin my process!




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