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Go Cruelty Free! Stickers

Go Cruelty Free! Stickers

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New matte, hand cut stickers of the three paintings I made specifically for my first art show out of Los Angeles. These paintings (as of today, 5/19) are in the "Greyscale Gala" in Soho, NY and they aim to speak out on stopping cruelty and animal abuse (in general) but specifically in cosmetic uses. I felt it was fitting as this "Greyscale Gala" is curated by the amazing Dani, the founder of Bahi Cosmetics, a home-made, black-owned, cruelty-free cosmetic line. 

I urge any one who actively buys make up, to really consider using cruelty free and/or vegan cosmetics. The abuse that animals endure over something that is very unnecessary is unimaginable and definitely not worth it. Below I will leave a link to a reliable website that does their research and makes lists of cruelty free and non cruelty free brands! I urge you to consider buying from those companies that do not condone such abuse.


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Sticker Dimensions:

Nº 1 - 2.75" x 2.25"

Nº 2 - 3" x 2.5"

Nº 3 - 3" x 2"


Cruelty Free Kitty (lists high end, drug store, toiletries that are cruelty free)

BAHI Cosmetics (@BahiCosmetics) (THANK YOU DANI) 

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