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Re-Shipping Fee

Re-Shipping Fee

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NOTE: This item is only for the clients/customers of my online shop that accidentally typed in the wrong address or misspelled something in the "Shipping Address" form at checkout, therefore resulting in me shipping a package to the wrong address. This fee is only to e used if the package is returned back to me via "return mail" by USPS. This is just a RE-shipping fee, which covers the exact amount that the client payed for shipping the first time at checkout (understand that I can not just fix the mistake and send it, I have to pay shipping again) plus a repackaging fee. When a package or letter is returned to me, I have to completely repackage and replace with new postage (fee is the extra $1 added, as I have to print out and re-box order).

Please understand that when I ship a package, I expect that the address listed as the "Shipping Address" is correct and do not question the client. As stated in my Terms of Service link at checkout, I unfortunately can not be held responsible for packages sent to the wrong address due to the client making a typo. In some cases, a package sent to the wrong address will be returned (in an undetermined time), but it is not guaranteed. Please double check all forms to insure that they are all correct, especially during the busy seasons. 

Please enter the correct address into the"Additional Comments" form at checkout! Email me if you have any extra questions.

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