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These Terms of Service provide useful information to you about your future order while keeping my business organized. We urge you to read them in their entirety. Failure to read these terms does not absolve the client of responsibility while placing online orders. 

This is an exact copy of the condensed Terms of Service tab shown during the third step at checkout (3. Comments & Terms of Service). Each client must agree and check the "Yes, I agree." box before proceeding to place any order, as this is a mandatory step.

Terms of Service:
◈ Most orders ship within 3-5 business days.
◈ Make sure shipping information is filled out correctly.
◈ Untracked shipping is not traceable. Tracked shipping is available for every order and is highly recommended. Art & Jess can not be held responsible for lost or damaged orders.
Read full terms below in the 'Review & Purchase' step.

Below are the detailed Terms of Service (referred to above as 'full terms') that are located in the fifth and final step (5. Review & Purchase) before completing a purchase. 


I hold my merchandise to the highest standards possible. They are of the best quality. I do not mail out any damaged or sub-par products.

Placing Orders

Please make sure all items in the checkout boxes are filled out correctly. If an address mistake is made while placing an order and is caught immediately, contact me as soon as possible and I will fix it. If a mistake is made and is not caught on time before I ship it, unfortunately I can not be held responsible (i.e. gets sent to the wrong address). If I receive it in returned mail I will ship it again after the customer purchases the reshipment fee. 

Do not use the additional comments section during check out to enter extra information about your shipping address. (i.e. leaving "Apt. 555" in the box.) All shipping information should be entirely completed in the shipping address section only. I can not be held responsible for shipping an order to the right address with missing information. It will NOT deliver and I will most likely get it back in return mail, to which the client will be asked to pay the shipping costagain (this time with the full address.) 

Processing Time

I process and ship all orders within 3-5 business days.

Large orders such as prints may require an extra 3-5 business days to print in addition to the days needed to process.


I provide un-tracked shipping to to my clients to keep their costs low. Said option is untraceable and does not come with a tracking number- meaning it is more at risk of being lost or stolen in transit. The client is assuming that risk when choosing that shipping option, as every order (even international ones) have the option to be tracked at a price. Therefore, Art & Jess is not liable for any letter or package lost, stolen or damaged in the United States Postal Service. 

International Shipping

International orders may take a minimum of two weeks to arrive.

As stated above with domestic orders, if the client chooses to go with the un-tracked shipping, Art & Jess can not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged orders. 

If you have any special requests, email me at

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Emails help me improve my store and my products.

Thank you.